Suggestion of some activities and visits in Beaune and around


Go and discover the beauty of Beaune and Burgundy through a wide variety of activities to enjoy alone, with friends or family!


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The Hospices of Beaune represent a major historical monument of the city. It is home to the Hôtel-Dieu (general hospital) as well as a museum, three courtyards, its annexes, its cellars and many more surprises. Each year, it is in these same buildings that the auction of the Hospices wine takes place. It is one of the most famous charity event worldwide. This event is open to the public, so don’t miss it!



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This museum showcase the symbol of the Côte-d’Or department: blackcurrant (“cassis” in French). You will discover how blackcurrant liqueur is made (“crème de cassis” in French) and be able to savor a kir (name of the drink made with blackcurrant liqueur topped with white wine) at the end of your visit.

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Going to the Maille shop is an opportunity to discover and try the famous “moutarde de Dijon” (Dijon mustard) while having a walk downtown. Some very interesting and authentic recepies are available:  Chablis and morel mustard, Burgundy marc mustard, etc.

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Before all, the Berthaut cheese dairy is a typical place, representing Burgundy culture and local produce.  The shop sells their cheese specialty: the Epoisses, rediscovered in 1956. Other local cheeses and products are also available such as: soumaintrain, trou du cru, etc.

  • Lyonnaise des Eaux © C. Duclert

The Water sports Center at Montagny-les-Beaune is an outdoor activities center offering many different activities, water sports lessons, as well as a restaurant-lounge for meals and snacks. The bathing area is 3 000m² (~ 32 300 sqft) and is composed of 4 pools filled with naturally filtered water. You will also find a climbing wall above the pools, a water slide, as well as ropes and diving boards for beautiful dives! 

The Alesia MuseoPark offers to visit its performance area, where the famous battle between Vercingetorix and Cesar is presented in a fun and interactive way. You are invited to go around the antique monument area, where you will find a sanctuary, a theater, a forum closed by a basilica and of course the statue of Vercingetorix.

The “Maison aux mille truffes et champignons” is for the lovers of nature, truffles, mushrooms and gastronomy. Located in the heart of the Hautes Côtes de Nuits, this unique place was built by two enthusiasts. Composed of a exhibition hall showcasing the different themes of the Burgundy truffle, a video room and a little shop, the wooden-frame house lookout onto a wooded park of 1,5 ha (~ 3.7 acres) presenting the mushrooms seasons.

Come have fun climbing trees in these 6 ha (~ 14.8 acres) of centenary oaks! The Adventure Park of Givry offers 22 secured routes (certified AFNOR) with more than 200 elevated games up to 20 meters (~65.6 feet) high!

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